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Episode 94

More useless mumbling interspersed with the hottest punk on this crumby planet.

As always support these bands by going to see them live and buying their tapes, records etc. 

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Fried Egg - Easy Way
Ataxxia - 03
No Approach - Nuero Divergent
Xylitol - It'll Slip
Swine Flu - Street Magic

Unnatural Axe - The Creeper
The Insults - I'm Just A Doper
Simpletones - I Like Drugs
Riot .303 - Drugs
Frantix - My Dad's A Fuckin' Alcoholic

Blystex - Peligroso
Mace - Unwell
Lace - Youth Hinge
Snakes - Karren Ann
Ladron - Industria de Vida
Kaleidoscope - Satellite

Barry Kooda - So Sorry
The Reruns - So So Alone
The Nips - All the Time in the World
The Secret - The Young Ones
Victim - I Need You

Lithics - Human Doctor
Nachthexen - What Am I Doing?
Viele Bunte Autos - Liliputaner
Terapi - Camisole
Morbid Opera - Liar
The Waryward Youth - El Mundo(Is A Weirdo)
Squad - Red Alert

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