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Episode 96

No matter how hard we cover our ears it is the noise inside our heads that will prove most insidious in the end. The demons we birth in our minds will slowly grow until they cannot be contained and our plight outweighs our pleads. Your eyes will open to realize the curled fingers pulling dirt onto your grave belong to you and you alone.

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Vanilla Poppers - A Better Ride Than You
Bulsch - Tartington
Brainwashed California - I Don't Like You
The Roobydocks - Norbit
Meat Dreams - Cop Brain

Telefones - She's In Love With The Rolling Stones
AK47 - Kiss The Machine
Really Red - Crowd Control
Vast Majority - I Wanna Be A Number
Blindate - We're Not Here
Barry Kooda - So Sorry

Speed Plans - Lobster
Ataxxia - 7" Song 2
Bloody Hammer - Chemical Religion
Dianetics - Shrimp On The MF'in Barbie Baby
The Dark - Badge and Gun
Blank Spell - Untouchable World

Couteau Latex - Hostile Enviroment
Cocteau Twins - Five Ten Fiftyfold
13th Chime - Hide and Seek
Kuudes Tunti - Eksyneet Lapset
The Garden - Fog

DEVO - Be Stiff/Social Fools

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