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Episode 97

Fill your head with punk style sounds of yesterday, today and tomorrow BUT you have to suffer through Mr. Jabberjaw's useless interludes. 

As always buy these band's records and go see them live when applicable. 

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Vanilla Poppers - Hard Work
Rubber Mate - Cha Boi
Magic City - Cancer Baby
Dianetics - Workin Down at the Doc (Marten Flagship Store)
Feral Brain - No Control
Strul - Winden I Haret

Viletones - Rebel
Teenage Head - Lucy Potato
Arson - Pretty Girls
Wasted Lives - Wirehead
The Action - TV's On The Blink
The K-Tels - I Hate Music

Extended Hell - Disparage
Somatix - Enemy
United Void - United Void
Xylitol - Bisquick
The Sentenced - Society
Meat Dreams - Counseling

Dr. Know - Mr. Freeze
The Freeze - Guilty Face
The Huns - Glad He's Dead
Spitfire Boys - Mein Kampf
Scooter - Crazy Police
Intimspray - One Million Barrels

Skull Cult - Enemy 
Ponys Auf Pump - Punks Not Diligent 
Human Hands - She Eats Bugs 
Punishment of Luxury - Brainbomb 
Mutual Jerk - He's Harmless

Cody Jones - Last Living Dinosaur
Dreadpool Parker - Sounds Like Drugz

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