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Negative Space - Gestalt

Negative Space - Gestalt


The Members got it right when they said theirs was the sound of the suburbs. So what’s the sound of the city? Fraught. Chaotic. Contradictory. So busy and frantic that you really notice the space when things get quiet – not that this happens too much. Negative Space cover those bases, making a furiously engaging racket that you’d recognise as ‘post-punk’ – and yeah, that feels like a pretty redundant phrase in 2017, but luckily ‘redundant’ is not an adjective you could throw at this lot. 
They make righteous noise from anger and poetry from confusion, and if that sounds too prissy for you then maybe it’s time to reassess your priorities. 
Gestalt isn’t just an LP though. It’s a statement; an investigation; a baring of the soul in both the frankest and most oblique terms possible. Gender dysphoria and shitty working conditions are among the prescient topics investigated, and they all comes fused with a twanging, discordant, pulsating set of hooks that recall minimalist forefathers like Wire and a peppier Gang of Four while simultaneously feeling wonderfully, urgently NOW. 
Plus you gotta love the knowing dichotomy of a record railing against the sorry state of neoliberal finance while coming pressed on none other than gold coloured vinyl. 
Will Fitzpatrick



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